Pastor Christopher E. Cabiness

The Reverend Christopher E. Cabiness, the son of the late Reverend Eugene Cabiness and the late Sharon Gail Cabiness, has a tenure of 10 years serving as pastor of New Hope Baptist Church of Macon Georgia. A church also known as the “The City of Hope / A Church Without Walls”, whose vision is to build a congregation that transcends all socioeconomic boundaries and extends itself to the wounded, broken and rejected. The vision set for this ministry is based on Zechariah 2:3-5 & Hebrews 13:12-14. A result of taking a position of servitude, New Hope is thriving in the Macon Middle Georgia region, serving as a beacon of light to the people of God seeking purpose, protection, and provision in the last and changing times.


Pastor Cabiness has been armed with the Word of God. He is a visionary who is determined to leave an everlasting impact of Jesus Christ on the Kingdom of God.  It is obvious through his preaching and teaching that his passion is to cause one to question where they are in their personal and spiritual life.  He boldly acknowledges the call on his life to minister to the total man.  His belief is that the word of God is designed to bring us to a place of conviction, conversion, and convincing that nothing will separate us from the love of Christ.   Many have come to know the Lord, and develop a better understanding of the word of God through his teaching and leadership.  The Lord has moved mightily, many have experienced the true love of God. Healing, deliverance from strongholds, miracles, restoration has been the fruition of his ministry. 

Pastor Cabiness is one who is well learned, knowledgeable, and experienced.  Blessed as an entrepreneur with and extensive background in the financial, banking, and investigative industry, He holds a Bachelors Degree in Pastoral Care from Minnesota Graduate School of Theology, where he graduated Magna Cum Laude and received the Professor’s Award with a 4.0 GA. Pastor Cabiness also has completed four units of certification in Pastoral Supervision /Clinical / Psychotherapy as a Chaplain through The Atlanta Chapter of CPSP (College of Pastoral Supervision & Psychotherapy) and Training Center a theologically based certifying and accrediting covenant community. Pastor Cabiness is also certified as an Anger Management Specialist CAMS II (through the International Association of Certified Anger Management Specialist and Family Enrichment and Development (GA Family Council). He also serves as chaplain for the “Georgia Doom” an organization of the Arena Football League, Macon Middle GA, Chairman of the Board of Higher Excellence Learning Center a community daycare and school in partnership with New Hope Church, President & Founder of Noble Transformation Group Inc. With a passion for church and community balance he serves as Vice President of Acts 29 Covenant Partners, a community of pastors UNITED in servicing the spiritual and social needs of Macon Middle GA.   

With many accomplishments, honors recognition that are too numerous to name and his covenant partnership with several unified organizations through the country and world, Pastor Cabiness is humbled and feels that all of them would be irrelevant if the Christ within him is not EXALTED & EVANGELIZED. He knows the plan that God has for his life and that is to EDIFY & EQUIP Kingdom Citizens while striving to make a progressive move that will allow every entity of man and woman to GROW in the image and likeness of CHRIST.


God is not measured but what He does for us, for God cannot be measured. What is measured is WHO God is to us.

– Christopher E. Cabiness

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